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Synergia, activities and workshops

Synergia (Centro Jovem Sto. Adrião) carry out 3 workshops in a secondary school in Braga, in the days 11,12,13 November 2013.

SynergiaEach workshop lasted 2 hours in front of at least 35 different students each time, coming from different study areas (marketing, graphic and design, economy). The topic, European active citizenship, were threaded by Ricardo Sousa, our president (candidate of municipal elections in Braga in September 2013 and always involved in this field) and other teachers of the school, showing through slides, the concepts of citizenship, economic statistical data and short videos about European union  and the growth of Portugal since he has come into the European Union.  It was also a chance to show some program of mobility that UE offer to young people, as Youth in Action program, with youth exchanges and European Voluntary Service.

In the end of every workshops there were a session to discuss the topic, and it was a nice surprise for us,  that some teacher and a considerable number of young students (mostly around 17 and 18 years old) were really curious about what they can do personally to help their country in this time of crisis, how can be they active in the democracy process, and also showing strong interest about the opportunity for young mobility as EVS.

According with the school manager, the workshops were spreading with a flyers attached in the school the days before the event, and (reclaimed) with our social networks and website.

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"Assessoradu de s'istrutzione pùblica, benes culturales, informatzione, ispetàculu e isport"
"Assessorato della pubblica istruzione, beni culturali, informazione, spettacolo e sport."