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Rights, Camera, Action! Participation and Democracy in Europe

RightCameraAction-Poster (2)The project Rights, Camera, Action! Participation and Democracy in Europe, takes part within Youth and Democracy, Action 1.3 of the Youth in Action Programme. The project aims to provide an opportunity for young participants from six different countries (Estonia, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Slovenia) to explore, analyze, understand, share and exchange views on issues such as democracy, participation and active European citizenship.

The project proposes a series of activities characterized by a non-formal approach structured to engage full and truthful participation of all young people, thus favouring the transmission of files and personal experiences.

The project, in its final stage, will involve the production of a series of videos and short films to promote the idea of democracy and active participation of young people. The participants will sign and develop the ideas that emerged during the discussions developed within the laboratories.

The videos and short films produced during the project will then be translated and subtitled to be subsequently screened in all countries participating in the project will also be disseminated via Internet through websites, online media and social networks.

“Rights , Camera, Action! Participation and Democracy in Europe” will involve a total of 300 young people.


Today, the lack of awareness of the concept of democracy, the rights and duties of citizens and as a result also the lack of active participation by citizens, both in their own communities and on a European level, especially if we talk about the younger generation, are big issues. Although in some countries there are resolutions given by the formal education system to provide young people with more skills in relation to their rights, duties and their role as citizens, this is often not enough. As stated in the Charter on Human Rights Education and Education for Democratic Citizenship Council of Europe, measures are needed in all countries, so that every citizen, from a young age, is aware of these concepts, which permeate in all their studies and that they are supported to a large extent from non-formal learning.

Based on these assumptions, we have therefore structured a project that will make young people more aware of their role within their team and motivated to take an active part in decisions that affect them, providing them with new points of view, new support and new skills and experiences necessary to reach an agreed and shared outcome.

Considering the crucial role of young people in this process, also in view of the European Parliament Elections, 2014, our main goal is to increase this awareness and knowledge of democratic processes and the role of citizens within them through a series of activities, workshops and thematic meetings and the creation of commercials, videos and a documentary, which can be useful tools to pass these concepts to the new generations in a non- formal and attractive way, since they were created by their peers through their personal experience, and the support of experts in the field. The specific objectives for which we consider are the following :

1. Raising awareness of young people about their role as citizens in their community and Europe, encouraging their active participation

2. Encourage the development of creativity, and the potential and individual skills to help achieve a common and shared goals

3. Breaking down the barriers that inhibit the full involvement of young people in decisions that affect them directly

4. Promote European citizenship and participation in democratic processes amongst the young, especially elections of the European parliament in 2014

5. Strengthen the role of the Youth in Action Programme as a tool that supports and encourages the participation and active citizenship of young people.


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