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Studenti per la Città

Association: “Studenti per la Città” is non-profit youth organization composed of university students, high school students and young graduates who work towards the inclusion and participation of young people in university life as well as in social and cultural environment.

studentiperlacittàThe association supports young students who have fewer opportunities and supplements their education with opportunities for learning both at local and international level.

Through the volunteers they lend assistance and guidance for college students, not only by organizing training courses, conferences, seminars but also through information campaigns on current topics of common interest, sports, cultural, recreation and leisure time.

In recent years, in particular, through an intense activity aimed at organizing and making information and knowledge relative to the main exchange programs of the European Community accessible, promoting international youth mobility as a key factor in competitiveness, building the path of personal growth and the realization of personal aspirations.

The association operates actively throughout the province of Cagliari and also proposes activities in other parts of Sardinia.

‘Studenti per la città’ is part of the Provincial Youth Council of the Province of Cagliari.


  • Inclusion and participation of young people
  • Career guidance and training
  • Promotion of international mobility
  • Leisure activities
  • Sports


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"Assessoradu de s'istrutzione pùblica, benes culturales, informatzione, ispetàculu e isport"
"Assessorato della pubblica istruzione, beni culturali, informazione, spettacolo e sport."