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Noorte TV Local workshops

Noorte TVAfter Kick-Off Meeting we shared information we received with Estonia’s second project partner, Tallinn Model United Nations. On 7th October we organized Press Conference in Radisson Blu hotel. Our major guest on that Press Conference was Member of the European Parliament Mrs. Vilja Savisaar-Toomast. And of course other participants were Tallinn Model United Nations representative, Kadi Neemre and NoorteTV representative, Taaniel Ormus. With our local workshops we started on 8th November. First one was in Tallinn and was about youth active participation and it was carried out by Taaniel Ormus as being active young himself. First part of the workshops was talking and discussing things and the other part was organizing groups of participants and played quiz and Alias (word explanation game). Questions and words were of course related to the theme of the workshop.

Noorte TVThe second one was in Tartu on 11th November. Topic was European citizenship. Facilitator was our NGO president Peeter Taim who has a lot of knowledge about society and young people. During the workshop he was aiming that young people would start their own discussion between themselves. Also Peeter gave some situations and wanted young people to answer those questions, some of them there their own opinion, some of them there related to some knowledge.
And finally our third workshop was also in Tartu on 15th November and democracy was topic. Again Peeter Taim was the facilitator, besides other knowledge he has been studying political science and has been in politics himself so perfect person to discuss on the topics of democracy. We can say that a lot of discussion was around our political situation, because just few months ago we had local authority elections. But Peeter also pointed out that upcoming European Parliament elections are just as important as local authority elections. In the end of the workshop Peeter let participants to think some ideas how to make things better in local level and in bigger point of view.

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