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Associazione Studenti per la Città – activities in Cagliari

On 6, 14 and 15 November 2013 some educational workshops have taken place in Cagliari, part of the project “Rights, Camera, Action! Participation and Democracy in Europe”.

Several students from the University of Cagliari and a group of young people from different international contexts have participated, as guests of friends Organisations actually in the city involved in different EU programs.

Workshops, whose structure have been planned from the responsible of Associazione Studenti per la Città, have taken place in this way:

ItalyYouth and democracy, November 6: directed from several experts, as historicians and politicians from the University. The workshop has started with a detailed description of the project, the Youth in Action Program and Associazione studenti per la Città, a non profit organisation engaged in social activities at local level.

The workshop has been divided in two different parts: starting from the historical analysis by Miss Federica Falchi, professor of History of Politic Doctrines in Cagliari University, young particicipants have been lead to the discovery and analysis of the concept of Democracy: from first studies by Jacobsen, from old Greece to our period.

After the first hour of work, the second speaker, Enrico Lobina, started his speech.

Researcher in Cagliari University and politician in the Municipality Council, he’s a practical example of historical and political concepts before analyzed, as a young usefully delegated in political activities.

In the end of the presentation there have been many questions from the participants and various kind of curiosity.

After a break, during the workshop it was carried out a practical activity planned by the leaders of the Association which was held in a dynamic and participatory way. Participants, divided into groups and assigns of a political party with a specific ideology, have ventured into voting for a law to guarantee the vote right to immigrants.

At the end of the simulation, after approving several agreements the participants reached a common and shared solution. There were also moments of discussion and debate to liven up the already active discussion.

Active participation and youth policies , November 14: through the non-formal education approach the workshop was structured in the form of chatting and interaction between the speakers and the participants.

The sociologist Maria Letizia Pruna has opened the workshop with her intervention. Her analysis was focused on the concept of International mobility, as strategic tool in the training process of young people.

Afterwards Mrs Marta Ecca brought his testimony as an active young at the political level, describing pros and cons. In fact she has been one of the youngest councilors in the province of Cagliari, with the responsibility for youth policy . The intervention of the former councilor has retraced all the activities and initiatives for young people carried out during her mandate

After  Mrs Ecca’s speech and granted a break to the participants, the day has gone on with the analysis of a case of active participation in the context of student academic representation.

Margherita Lecis, a young active member of the university panorama, spoke of her experience; her case is very emblematic: when she was only 18 years old she chose to start this path and was elected in the Administration Council of the University of Cagliari.

There were also testimonies of young people, especially those who are experienced in youth consultation, who asked for clarification on the matter.

European Citizenship, November 15: The last day was devoted to the analysis of the concept of European citizenship. Thanks to the non-formal approach of the two expert educators, Mrs Luisa Zedda and Mr Federico Gaviano, after a first more theoretical phase, the second phase was focused on the analysis of some of the most important community programs, voluntary work and training and the opportunities attached to them.

The workshop took place as a moment of discussion, sharing, exchange of ideas and interests.

In particular, importance has been given to the concept of international mobility as a parallel path to the University.

Young leaders of Associazione Studenti per la Città who ended the workshops are now working for the creation of an international youth exchange, which will involve 26 young people from different European countries and will be held in Cagliari from 19 to 25 February 2014.

It will be an opportunity to discuss about democracy, citizenship and active participation of youth on multiple levels, dealing directly with different personalities from different cultural backgrounds.

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